Antrix Corporation: Powering India’s Space and Communications Industry

Antrix Corporation Limited, taken from the Sanskrit word for “space” or “sky”, is the Government of India’s space and communications arm for commercial use under the Indian Space Research Organization. The company is fully controlled by the Indian government’s Department of Space, and is responsible for the marketing of space products, technologies and related services in India, including satellite launch services and satellite imagery to customers all over the world.

Antrix’s long list of services are hardware and software, communications applications, data, launch services, mission support, consultancy and training services, spacecraft systems and electronics, propulsion tanks, motors, control mechanisms, remote sensing instruments, test facilities for spacecraft testing, transponder leasing and so much more. These are all provided to top space companies and institutions globally, like the Avanti Group, Inmarsat, Eutelsat and OHB Systems. Antrix is now headed by CMD V.S. Hegde, and has successfully launched satellite systems owned by the world’s most advanced countries.

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