Catalina: One of the Oldest American Swimwear Companies

American beauty pageants know the name Catalina well. Having been the sponsor of the prestigious Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants, Catalina is one of the world’s most-recognized swimwear brands and maintains a strong presence in the South American beauty pageant industry. Based in California, Catalina began its history as a garment business specializing in sweaters and underwear in 1907. Then called Bentz Knitting Mills, the company changed its name to Pacific Knitting Mills before becoming Catalina in 1928.

In its over 100 years of existence, Catalina has been synonymous with the glamor of early Hollywood, their swimwear being modeled by the likes of Bette Davis and Joan Blondell. Catalina was acquired by Waranco, Inc. in 1993, joining Speedo, Anne Cole, Michael Kors and Nautica as some of the world’s most celebrated brands in swimwear. Catalina is now owned by the In Mocean Group, with production in Brazil and distribution to key locations globally.

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