Helmut Lang: World-Class Fashion from Austria

When it comes to minimalism and deconstruction, Helmut Lang is one of the names that have touted this fashion trend. The brainchild of Austrian fashion designer Helmut Lang, Helmut Lang shot to fame in the 1980s for its simple, elegant designs and use of black and white to create slim suits. It also revolutionized fashion in the use of technologically-advanced fabrics. Helmut Lang retails through high-end department stores, retailers and specialty shops around the world.

Helmut Lang started out as a small bespoke shop in Vienna in 1977, where the designer opened his own shop in 1979. His success allowed him to branch out to Paris in 1986, creating the Helmut Lang brand. Before long, the company had entered the United States. Helmut Lang entered into a partnership with fashion giant Prada in 1999, which eventually took over the smaller company. The brand was re-launched under the new ownership of Link Theory in 2006, with new stores and new designers helming Helmut Lang since the designer himself departed in 2005.

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