iFixit: Filling a Gaping Hole in the Gadget Repair Industry

IFixit was founded in 2003 by Luke Soules and Kyle Wiens, in their dorm room at a college in San Luis Obispo. It all started when the dynamic duo attempted to fix an outmoded, malfunctioning iBook.  There was no instruction manual, so they opted to do what everyone else does: trial and error. Luke and Kyle fiddled and tinkered, broke a couple of tabs and lost some screws, but in the end, fixed it. This accomplishment inspired them so much that they decided to fix some more gadgets. However, it was incredibly hard to look for parts, so they bought a conked-out computer and stole a few of its accessories. Then, they had this brilliant idea of selling some parts themselves, and iFixit was born.

Since then, the company has grown quite a bit, with a whopping $6 million dollar annual revenue.

iFixit helps thousands of individuals repair their own devices by providing them with easy-to-understand repair manuals – free of charge. The company believes that end-users should be provided with instructions on how to repair their own gadgets as well as repair parts, and not just leave both of these to the big repair shops. iFixit stands behind the principle that customers has the right to maintain or fix their own gadgets however they like it and prides itself with the philosophy that if one can’t open his gadget, he doesn’t own it.

As of the moment, iFixit has been working on more repair manuals for all kinds of devices. It encourages everyone to disassemble, fix and put their gadgets back together so that they can have a better understanding of their inner workings. Most large companies prevent their clients from learning more about their gadgets because they have this end-of-life upkeep and disposal business strategy. iFixit seeks to fill that gaping hole by providing consumers with everything they need when it comes to gadget repair and maintenance.

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