Total Tobacco by Imperial Tobacco

Imperial Tobacco is a multinational tobacco manufacturing company based in Bristol, United Kingdom. It is the fourth largest tobacco company in the world in terms of market share. Imperial Tobacco produces more than 320 billion cigarettes annually. With over 50 factories around the world, Imperial Tobacco is the largest producer of tobacco paper and fine-cut tobacco in the world.

The company sustained its position in the industry because of its exceptional emphasis on quality. Imperial Tobacco is implementing the differentiated approach. It has an in depth knowledge and understanding of the needs of consumers which are in turn translated into tobacco portfolio that delivers satisfaction.

The product portfolio of Imperial Tobacco represents the company in all kinds of tobacco products and all price segments. Being the leader in fine-cut tobacco and tobacco paper, Imperial Tobacco has sustained its international strength. Needless to say, the company has grown to become the total tobacco company, delivering total tobacco products. The total tobacco approach is the company’s competitive edge in the ever growing cigarette market in European and non-European markets.

Imperial Tobacco sells its products in more than 160 countries. The company has a huge worldwide geographic footprint. In the EU markets alone, Imperial Tobacco has led all product categories. The opportunities are endless and the company is taking advantage of business opportunities to develop its businesses.

With over 40 million deliveries a year to more than 300,000 sales points, Imperial Tobacco has strong logistics network. Its logistics businesses are based in Poland, Portugal, Italy, France and Spain. This business segment is neutral and serves Imperial Tobacco and other tobacco manufacturers in distributing cigarettes to sales outlets. The logistics business is also serving non-tobacco customers.

Imperial Tobacco is a public company. Its shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. With a market capitalization of £24.3 billion, the company is in the 19th place in the London Stock Exchange primary listing.

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