Treadmill Doctor: One of the Most Trusted Names in the Fitness Equipment Industry

Treadmill Doctor is a company that specializes in fitness equipment, parts, accessories, services and product reviews for its wide base of clientele. Whether one is looking for treadmill rollers or elliptical replacement console, Treadmill Doctor has everything to meet its consumers’ varied needs.

For fitness equipment repair, Treadmill Doctor carries a broad selection of brand-named elliptical and treadmill trainers, from NordicTrack Treadmill to Weslo, and Preform to Precor. If the company does not carry a specific brand that the customers want, it will immediately order the part for them. Treadmill Doctor also offers a wide range of accessories for all kinds of fitness equipment, from mats that provide the best foundation for treadmills and elliptical, to motors that ensure efficiency of the equipment, to maintenance products that protect and help eliminate harmful dust and fibers that usually cause malfunction and breakdown. The company carries products manufactured by industry leading brands such as Dura, Flex and Max.

Aside from these, Treadmill Doctor also sells a variety of vital accessories for fitness machineries, including replacement treadmill keys, as well as iFit Live Accessories which allows customers to experience stimulated real-world trails within the comforts of their homes. This unique kind of exercise experience can truly take a workout to a greater level and deliver a fresh and creative twist to an otherwise humdrum routine.

Because of its exemplary products offered at affordable prices and combined with outstanding customer services, Treadmill Doctor has grown to become one of the leading retailers of fitness equipment, parts and accessories not only in the United States, but the rest of the world as well. It has grown massively since its inception in 1998, and has earned more than $5 million in revenue every year. In the years to come, Treadmill Doctor hopes to augment its product line and operations, so as to cater to a larger market and meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry.

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