Trimble Navigation Ltd: Transforming the Way the World Works

Sunnyvale, California-based Trimble Navigation Ltd is best known for their interests in mobile and fleet management, agriculture, surveying, construction and scientific instrumentation. From its humble beginnings in 1999, the company has grown to become a business with annualized revenue of up to $2.0 billion.

Inertial navigation systems, GPS (Global Positioning Systems) receiver and laser rangefinders are some of the products they manufacture. The company has segmented the business into four major divisions, namely: mobile solutions, field solutions, engineering and construction and advanced devices. It has a global presence in 30 countries with products marketed worldwide. 54% of their over 6,500 employees are working outside the United States. Their products are integrated with various commercial applications and solutions that enable companies to maximize their productivity and thereby increasing their profitability.

Trimble is out there to “transform the way the world works.” This also serves as the company’s tagline based on their website. With over 1,800 patents in positioning solutions, the company stands as a leader in the industry it thrives in.

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