Vitol: An Oil Company at its Finest

The Middle East may have the oil, but the Dutch aren’t far from it in terms of corporations. The Vitol Group, a huge energy and commodity trading company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Geneva, Switzerland, is considered the single biggest oil trader present. In 2011 alone, Vitol’s revenues reached an estimated 297 billion US dollars, and it employs 2,810 people in its multiple operations.

Vitol has operations facilities in Houston, Singapore and London, where it trades not just in crude oil, but also in coal, natural gas, carbon emission, biofuels and power. Its interests include oil exploration and production, as seen in its exploration sites in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Cameroon and Ghana. Founded by Henk Vietor in 1966, Vitol is the parent company of several subsidiaries, such as Vitol Tanks Terminals International and other key assets. Vitol ships over 400 million tons of oil per year, and until now, continues to see its businesses grow and expand rapidly under the leadership of CEO Ian Taylor.

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