Real Estate Investment: A WEI Mortgage Corporation Overview

Thanks to a number of key market factors and interest rates that recently hit a record low, 2012 has proved an ideal year to purchase a home in the United States. In virtually every city across America, home prices remain somewhat depressed as a result of the stagnant economy, an issue that certainly presents difficulties for sellers but stands apart as notably beneficial to buyers. Giving his opinion on current market conditions, a top executive with the Re/Max real estate network projected that many consumers who are presently considering acquiring a home will likely regret their choice in the future if they fail to take action now. Likewise, homeowners planning a refinance stand to reap considerable fiscal rewards with rates that now hover just above 3.1 percent.

At Rockville, Maryland-based WEI Mortgage Corporation, helping clients optimally leverage market trends has long defined a proven and effective business model. Providing financing to an eclectic group of borrowers with differing financial needs since 2002, WEI offers flexible loan products and strives to keep fees at a minimum regardless of extenuating economic circumstances. Guiding borrowers through every step of the loan approval process, from initial application to origination, WEI pre-approves a large percentage of clients online through its company website, a resource that contains a wealth of information about purchasing a piece of real estate, refinancing a home, obtaining a home equity loan or line of credit, and much more.

With attractively priced homes selling quickly and increased numbers of borrowers applying for loans, mortgage rates will likely shoot up in the coming months. If housing prices follow suite, an extreme likelihood, 2013 may go down in history as a year when the American real estate market shifted to favor sellers rather than buyers.

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